RPM offers its clients a high quality service coupled with maximum flexibility. Our team of 50 professionals operates two manufacturing sites, in the US and in Israel (servicing Europe) using state of the art equipment for thin wall precision molding with In Mould Labeling (IML) capabilities. With 14 injection machines capable of handling close to 300 tons of plastic per month, we can produce large quantities in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

RPM specializes in packaging solutions for the wet wipes industry, based on a patented process that creates outstanding products at fast turn-around times and attractive pricing. Wet wipes containers demand extra-clean processes combined with attractive and innovative packaging that stands out on the store shelf. RPM has gained extensive experience in mass-producing aesthetically pleasing containers at exceptional quality and cleanliness.

Our IML capabilities enable us to produce packaging solutions with attractive and durable labeling. A unified process for creating both package and label results in higher quality products and cuts down production costs. Our manufacturing facilities offer a range of production options from turnkey projects to production from proprietary molds. For each type of service our team of designers, engineers, and other professionals aims to provide the best technical and business solution that will contribute to our customers' commercial success.
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