The Company

Regev Plastics Manufacturing (RPM) is a leading global provider of packaging solutions. The company has a proven track-record in developing and manufacturing wet wipes packaging for global enterprises in a variety of types and applications.
RPM has many years of experience in helping clients design innovative and attractive wet-wipes packages, providing a contract service and acting as a one-stop-shop, from consulting and design to engineering and manufacturing. Our commitment to customer success means we are constantly keeping up with new market trends to improve our methods and products, working as our customer's packaging partner for research, development and innovation.

The company was established in 1994 on the basis of a groundbreaking patent for injecting thin wall wet-wipes dispensers, which combines high quality, high accuracy and cost-effectiveness compared to previous technologies. Since then, RPM has become a global company with manufacturing sites in US (North Carolina) and Israel (servicing Europe). 14 injection presses and a team of over 50 injection specialists allow the company to handle large quantities at challenging deadlines.

RPM is committed a high level of precision and quality. As a specialist in wet wipes packaging, we use strict quality control standards to ensure the safety of this sensitive product. The company holds an ISO 9001:2008 certification and adjusts its process to the specific quality standards required by customers in different industries.

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